Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pasu worship Modern India

When mother goddess was pleased on Bharat, when Saraswati was pleased to give vision of knowledge, Brahmana and hermits of Bharat had seen the reality of cinmaya, the sansAra. prANa was not it. neti. Brahmana did prAnAyam, and it was not about art of living. The respect and prayers offered to the chinmayee who made the perception appear , mangaLamayee who blessed, shaktidAtri who inspired and defended.

Jeeva has ossification through the pasu prabriti. There is on this day of Durga Puja, a pasu (goat) is sacrificed to demonstrate the ossification and pasu prabriti needs to be abdicated in favour of the chinmaya.

Modern India is unsure whether it worships the violence of maoists. Practically it worships corruption and the power it brings. Not a single party in state capitals goes without fascination of chickens of goats - that is without slaughtered chicken roasted in tandoori or whatever.

However the govt , judiciary in the state of Orissa has stopped the sacrifice of Pasu. A collector is showing his pasu prabriti by desecrating and stopping worship in the Bhagabati temple since last week. When goats are traded as commodities and the collectors are goats of their own grid, people are barred to worship the chinmayee goddess in this part of India because govt and Indian courts have decided on religion and morality of hindus.

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