Friday, May 6, 2011

Bin Laden Said "No"

Activists ( the pure activism of Mao and Islamic terrorists ) may shun philosophy in favuor of call to action. Indeed activists have humbled the pure philosophers or intellectuals with regular revolutions, with calls to "No" .

The activism of Bin Laden proved that pure rational couldn't easily circumvent his activism. Instead many discussions swirled around him.

So, it is funny in a sense, to read the philosopher hits back to explain away Bin Laden, Bin Laden Just said No . The article explains away the "No" as youthful denial , explaining it as a self-obsessed performance art :
self-obsessed diva with a gift for timing and spectacle

The "No" in performance art lasts an evening. For the world as a theater, the laden performance act lasted for decades. Many participants, who acted as unbelievers did perform in their last play.

The "No" as it is could never be in the present, hopes were present, hopes of the terrorists, hopes of Pakisthanis and others. Some of this hope would be growing under denials of other kind. Some of the hope destroyed are gone with the "nihilist", a inscrutable no.

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