Friday, January 31, 2014

Possibilities of man - Realizing greatness of Bharat(India)

I watched this Ayers/Desouza debate. The entire of speech of Bill Ayers was captivating. Desouza  started by being mean,   He defined  greatness of America by comparing  with India.

 For centuries, few who returned from Britain were not quite white, but could be  white enough for the colony. Foreign Returned became different people both for nationalist and british cause. Going to foreign, Getting to Aeroplane,  getting on the freeways are events that were awe inspiring to remember for Desouza.

However, I remembered a different story as well, after I returned to India with sickness and arrogance.

It was couple of years following BJP tested the nukes. Along with western media, intellectuals considered Indian cultural nationalism  like a menance. Desi mailing lists in USA went extremely negative on India. The leftists attacked caste, Brahmins and Brahminical conspiracies of hinduism.  Brahmins were portrayed as "Aryan' who came from west of India to perpetuate utter cruelty. A friend from Boston had told of a harvard library where  it contained racial measurement details of India.

I was in part a Brahmin, a nationalist, a technologist and was nice to all. The Aryan invasion ideas were new to who I was, and it was brutal. It was 1998/99. On the way to India from USA, the aeroplane few over western regions near Iran, Turkey. I had a fleeting thought, if I migrated to those jungles then may be I shall find a home, accepted.

Few hours later, I landed in delhi.  20 minutes into India, through the roads of delhi I tried to find potential aryans, whites... To my surprise, even the Brahmins, northern Indians  were not that white ( Compared what I was accustomed as being white in USA) . It took me some time to settle and be happy with relatives around. That was crazy, It is as if sickness had taken over me.

That was one experience, I had realized the extent of sickness that  made people consider skin color as a fundamental attribute of human race . This sickness is comparable to  St.Francis Xavier goan inquisition, Goa  from where Dillip Desouza hails.

    Tentatively I had realized sickness of white supremism. I had peeked to  colonial british  govt agency that sponsored programs to find these races in India. I figured entire Indian history is constructed on the basis of races, as do gods and morals. Soon I realized philosophy is new subject in west, it is not matured and they don't have many of the  alternate constructs. Few exceptions.

This is where I realized greatness of India,  Indian culture had defined man far far beyond skin colors, preferences, value of  man beyond wealth and power and achievement -even far beyond his identity conferred by birth and death.  it is in his realization, duty and dedication. Thus Gandhi was able to use "non violence" to rally a nation to fight against British.  India led defining humans this way for millenniums, through old and middle ages. Even today west can't conjure it consistently.  So they create races out of Indian gods ,  it is multitude and incomprehensible to them.

 Sri Ramachandra went to forest to honor his father's words. Ekalabya for guru Bhakti. Bhisma remembered for his pratigyan. Dronacharya as guru. Karna for gifts,  and Raja  Harischandra for truth again. Krishna Jagat Guru.

 Thousands  of Indians identified with apparent  honesty in west, at least on arrival and got hooked into it. Many go back with arrogance, money and less understanding of a hindu Indian who is not like them. On this, again greatness goes to the injured Bharat which has been India.

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