Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine

Updt: Two months after the post was written, Ukraine death toll has gone to 200+ . West supports all this for in name of more democracy and more transparency.

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine - US senator John Macain cheered  turbulence and violence in once peaceful places. It seems, Mccain is fighting old wars -  when he was not senile and US had cold-war issues with Libya, Syria and USSR.

Support for violence was provided by so called "west" in all three places. Media says it is people's free choice, as in liberation of Libya .

Libya - (Link Hillary Clinton cheering of Qaddafi torture and kill ) .

Syria ( What it means to be a Dhimma - Half ounce of Pure gold! here again.  What does Fox News say about Assad ?).

What is happening with Ukraine  - A well researched article.

to quote :

The crisis which has unfolded in the streets of Kiev since November has its roots in the diplomatic maneuvering of European diplomats as far back as 2008. In May of that year, the foreign ministers of Poland and Sweden, Radek Sikorski and Carl Bildt, proposed the formation of an Eastern Partnership (EaP) which was to serve as a forum for the discussion of, inter alia, free trade and visa agreements between the EU and the presumably aspirant nations on Europe’s southeastern periphery.
European Commission President Manuel Barroso. In a press conference held in Milan on December 9, Barroso twice appealed to Ukrainians to “have the courage and go out and fight.”


Though one of the architects of the EaP, Sikorski was forced to admit recently that “…the EU seriously overestimated the attractiveness of its offer,” a report in February 3rd’s New York Times indicated that, rather than leave well-enough alone, American and European diplomats are planning to counter Russia’s bailout package while Vladimir Putin is distracted by the Sochi Games.

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