Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slave history and conversions

The article describes early conversation efforts. Part of it also shows attitude towards the conquered people.

"Many masters can't be persuaded that Negroes and Indians are otherwise than Beasts, and use them like such."

A slave is a worse slave when he is christian !  
 Some even believed "A slave is ten times worse when a Christian than in his state of paganism."

An idea   didn't match upto expectations of  freedom or propagation.   Laws were passed to  have it both the ways.Done deal !

Colonial legislatures sought to clear up this matter, and by 1706 at least six had passed acts denying that baptism altered the condition of a slave "as to his bondage or freedom." It wasn't just economics but a twinge of Christian conscience that prompted the legislation. As Virginia's law put it, it was passed so that masters, "freed from this doubt, may more carefully endeavor the propagation of Christianity."

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