Wednesday, February 18, 2015

False gods

The Japanese worshiped a false god, USA did nothing. Says Oriely, 5 minutes into this video in one of the influential YV shows in USA. He is talking about false religion of ISIS.


  1.   Oriley doesn't see any political basis for Japanese disaster.  He can explain it in terms of religion.
  2.   He thinks that there is a true god, who is not the dead emperor of japan. Japanese erred in thinking the dead  emperor as the god.
  3. Worshipping the wrong god is similar to wrong religion of ISIS, it is associated with religion.
Updt: ISIS destroying 2000 year Assyrian heritage because  of fear of wrong god - "It is worshipped instead of god".

 There idea of god in west  is pretty narrow - defined in terms of a prophet who gives a doctrine - mix of political/organizational, military and moral talking points. Worse atrocities and great passions are performed to justify it.

  If animals are observed to have life, and we slaughter them mindlessly -then isn't a poor talking point for a god defined in terms  messages delivered?


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