Monday, March 9, 2015

India's Daughter

It is a movie with an interview of a convict. By design or otherwise, the convict justifies his actions. Movie funded  by grant from Ford Foundation, completed through a network of shadowy organizations using Indians. It was done by a woman, who admits to  have been raped . The govt banned it following legal issues.

The only person who fought with the attackers criticizes the movie for being insensitive.

Imagine a film maker travels to Belgium because she has heard of pedophilia, an interesting context !

 On making the movie.

 Its net impact

  • Paint the Indian culture through the words of a convicted rapist. Whether that rapist was paid ?
  • To change the conversion in India. Huge propaganda.
  • To change conversation outside India - A German professor denied Indian students.
 Read the real situation - a poor taxi driver. Here an actual experience. Here are some stats and context. India actually much better - in spite of colonial and post colonial govts. One has to have a heart to appreciate it.

  Most pathetic man turned out to be Richard Dawkins, he kept on tweeting to his millions of followers blaming "Tradition of Misogyny" . Dawkins thought the delhi gang rape was a cultural thing of savages - "They "punished" her for violating their cultural traditions by going out in the evening with a man who was not family" . Statistics, methodology and science are all ignored. There is some great disappointment with Dawkins.  Here is a refutation.

  Hillary Clintons foundation has forgotten about Bill CLinton and Daughter's of America. They are doing propaganda for daughter's of India.

  Tribeca Film Institute which is financed by the Ford Foundation, a body under the scanner of Indian agencies for funding PRS’s Lamp Scheme in India.

A critique of the movie.

Here is an interview of the movie maker.

Generalization, even though west has much higher rape rates:

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