Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Colonial excuses and gaps.

"The very country of India is a British invention" - Claimed an internet friend from Britain/USA.

 However, One never hears anybody declaring  "pakisthan" was a british invention.

   Indian education, middle class, political system are all due to british.

However  Creation of  Pakisthani terrorist class, dictatorship, violence apparently  is not included as part of the   British invention .

 Colonial rule has been a killing machine  at many places - In  Australia- Less than  25 % of the precolonial population ( 1788) survived till 1930s.

 Colonial rule  in India stopped Indian development compared to world standards, or regressed. Its primary contribution is to kill Indian capability to be a prosperous nation for a long time.

  Colonialism killed :
  • A pan Indian language with dozens of  subsidiary languages, dozens of philosophies, some maths and most of Indian experience.
  • Colonialism destroyed and scandalized  Independence in literature - The days of Palm leaves are gone, with days of original ideas from India. Now Indians proudly contribute to Marxism, imperialism, and Hagelian history and anything developed in Europe.
  • Colonialism killed pride - Anybody becomes somebody in public life by  thrashing bit of culture and religion , almost none became somebody by celebrating indian culture - they had to be reformists. 

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