Monday, September 22, 2014

Syria Part-II

US paying to Syria rebels.

A NY Times article  on creating rebel force.

Massive disruption and atrocity to Kurds. Hundreds of thousands leave their home in 24 hours.  It might be like getting herded across hindukush, Taimur Lang, Kala Pahad . However The kurdish events in 21st century. Time didn't change much.How to describe the unfortunate events ?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Moon god' found Israel and One god in India !

Twenty First century. Hundred years into an era when fixation with 'one god' explained all. 'One god'  could inspire revolutions, jehads and independence, more than once in 19th/20th century.

Looking back, In the Kingdom of Janaka in ancient Bharat, There was a Brahmin, who  responded Akash ( Literal meaning sky, in the context meaning not limited to visible sky) to a statement of  one.  That discussion, as far as I know, didn't include a response on Zero. A Hindu Brahmin and Acharya once mentioned both manifested and unmanifested for zero, while emphasizing its existence. Thousands and thousands years ago they knew about one and zero, sun, moon, the vastness of the manifestation and the anadi, the Brahma, The eternal mother .

It is this age, where  Half of the planet, revolutionaries, Indian reformers, bureaucrats, modern missions and more could reply 'god' when you speak of one. Lata mangeshkar on the one - if there would be no zero, the linked song would be eternal.

 The Sun temple  has lost from the consciousness of present into relic of material history, one such relic was destroyed by the ISIS in Iraq.  Sun no longer moves the day. Moon doesn't bring the cool in the neon lit night.

 Somebody has found  ancient 'moon god', of all places, in Israel. As a revolutionary may say, its time is gone.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Deconstructing national attacks

More than one factors lead to creation of revolutions . Following examines some of the international situation that may have some effect on Ukraine incidents. Following ignores the immediate and near/domestic causes, however significant they may be . Thus some of the following may be applicable for other countries where similar revolutions happened.

(A) Economic resources : Shale gas.

    A cyprus based company,Burisma Holdings, also Ukraines largest gas company,  appointed Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to its board of directors. Burisma  has Kerry's former chief of staff as a lobbyist. Its control is traced to an Ukrainian Oligarch and Governer who finances a pvt military. Lot and Lot of money and who's who of world power is involved to profit from it.Strong reason for supporting political change.

(B)- "Neocon" Political doctrine and media.

To quote from this article, "There is a “little-old-lady-who-swallowed-the-fly” quality to neocon thinking. When one of their schemes goes bad, they simply move to a bigger, more dangerous scheme."

This is a grand mischievous project from cold war era. It is like a conspiracy, but very well written and interesting take here, the Ukraine is related to Putin's interference in Syria.

On the mechanics of support :-

B1. "Neocon" media help, the on air resignation was managed by a staffer from Foreign Policy Initiative, a neoconservative think tank in Washington D.C

B2. Money was paid to "protesters".

B3. US state dept official asserting billions spent in Ukraine and choosing future Ukraine leaders.

(C)- George Soros / Progressives Political doctrine and media:

C0.  George Soros : George Soros replied thus, when asked about " you during the revolutions of 1989 funded a lot of dissident activities....Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?" - " the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now...", Soros replied on CNN.

C1. Too many revolutions by financing the opposition parties, particularly the violent lot. Egypt, Syria, Libya,...Unsuccessful ones in Iran. John McCain present with Syrian opposition and Ukrainian opposition.

C2. Culture wars -  Eastern European Nazi collaborators are honored in a revision of WW-II history. Goerge Soros have been accused of a Nazi Collaborator - That is just a perception by some. However that implies  culture clash, sovient culture  European nationalist  culture of 1930s.

(D) Alliances :

   Perhaps there is no free lunch. Ukraine is a lesson, when you are sandwiched between to very powerful entities, try to milk both of them rather than trying to beat one half-dead.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama foreign policy

Barack Obama authorized Air Strikes over Iraq's Kurdish region. The purpose was humanitarian, OIL,  as well as political- as per John McCain - To prevent taking over of the Erbil by the ISIS.

 Two days later, Maliki is not being invited by the president  as prime minister of Iraq, as required to following the elections  results. US never supported Iraqi military against ISIS with Air Strikes.

The Incidents begs question - Did USA leave the Iraq into turmoil until it manages to drive  Maliki out as  prime minister of Iraq ? [ Updt: After Maliki removed, 100  missions per day].

 That would be  the 4 or 5th  instance to secretly  interfere in other countries to overthrow the govt.  It sounds as disruptive as Obama's domestic policy. Targeted for utopian improvements, it ends up with dysfunctional uncertainties.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Other Minorities - Is this the end for Yazidis of Iraq ?

Fox news reported Iraqi militants seized control of largest christian city, threatened its residents to leave, convert or die. For the other minorities.......

   For the Other minorities; to quote "members of another religious minority remained trapped on a mountain without enough food or water" . The Yazidis  are other minorities, alleged as Saytan worshipers, though the Yazidis themselves don't utter that word .

 The telegraph reports, they were forced out of Georgia and Armenia during the nationalist (also called democratic) movements, after the fall of Soviet Union.

The Other minorities are not Saytan worshipers, in fact they are one of the ancient religions of Iraq.

Yazidis do not believe in permanence of heaven or hell, the cosmos is a much bigger place and impermanent. So the Jiva go through  reincarnation, which they call the soul “changing its clothes”  - It is like an Indian Saint speaking about life.

Yazidis believe that good and evil both exist in the mind and spirit of human beings.Tawûsê Melek, the "arch angel"/Deity  allocates responsibilities, blessings and misfortunes. Tawûsê Melek, as per Yazidi history, said he doesn't submit to any other than god. God was pleased with his devotion.

 In later periods, Responsibilities defined by a Tawûsê Melekas  were modified and replaced by  Duties such Jehad , spreading god's message  as defined by and for furtherance of  organizations/movements . Thus,  Tawûsê Melek  needed to be avoided and discredited before the people.

Command and will of god ( owned by the organizations) replaced god.   That Tawûsê Melek had surrendered to god, he won't submit to any other than  god, That God was pleased  on Tawûsê Melek for his devotion - All  this was  not of relevance to some  later movements . The traditions where celestial beings could  request to be near god, discuss or even  ask a question to god was ignored. All that defined  god was his will or message.It didn't matter whether god was pleased on Tawûsê Melek, later movements concocted him as Shaytan  because some perceived he disobeyed god's command. 73 Genocides followed the  Yazidies.

It is difficult to find god in Iraq, in-spite of abundance of faithfuls . Obama has signed some military help, but is not clear what is it meant for.[ Updt: The attacks are designed to avoid the slaughter of Yazidis and christian minorities.  ]

Monday, July 28, 2014

Measuring UK Media

But the British culture is to find a culprit. Bully them. Bully those around them. Don't bother to investigate. ....Surround him with hate.....
This is from a Russian from England. Thus, in foreign Policy, the strength of British media can be  measured as  the sensationalism of the Bullying Target divided by the the standard deviation of consensus .

So Russians say there was Ukrainian plane, and they submit the radar data.  However Attacking Putin makes more sensational - "Putin's Victims"(The Mirror), "Putins Killed My Son"( The Daily Mail), There is consensus. The Independent British media knows its strength, so even the guardian doesn't publish it. The BBC  also understands strength of British Media.

The British media independently agreed with each other for  Libya attack. Now that British mission is attacked in  Libya , there is no body to bully, the consensus is divergent, Media is dead.

I am just trying to understand, how can such an active, intrusive media be so dumb and partisan on occasion.

To extend it to Indian Media, the strength of India media is Ability to provide sensationalism to west divided  twice by consensus among delhi intellectuals ? 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bishnu Sharma - The Brahmana who wrote panchatantra

King Amar Shakti ruled in Mahilaropya, now a forgotten place in India. He  had three foolish as sons: Prince Bahu Shakti,Prince  Ugra Shakti and Prince Anant Shakti. The King  was concerned that his son are not developing conscience and knowledge.

When the King asked his pundits on a remedy, the Pundits advised twelve years of study of grammer. This to be followed by Dharma, Morals and laws , and Kama Sasthras.

Upon hearing this, The Minister counselled that life is too short to master the intricacies of grammar alone. Therefore the summary and essentials be taught to the prince over a shorter duration. He counselled that there is a Brahman by name Bishnu Sharma who is knowledgeable and famous among the students. Bishnu Sharma could make the prince wise in shorter duration.

Thus the King Invited Bishnu Sharma,and said  "Sir, I would give you administration of 100 villages, Please teach arthasastra to my sons", Said King Amar Shakti to Bishnu Sharma.

 Bishnu Sharma replied, " I can't sell knowledge even as administrative custodian of 100 villages". " I am eighty years old, I don't need money". However to fulfill your request, I would teach your sons. If I can't make them sufficiently knowledgeable in six months, then you may order capital punishment for me, whereby I would be deprived of liberation.

Upon hearing these strong words from Brahman Bishnu Sharma, the king was surprised and was happy. He offered his sons in the hands of Bishnu Sharma.

Bishnu Sharma taught "arthasastra"  to the princes and they became knowledgeable in six months.

The writings are known as "Panchatantra" - The five tantras:

Mitra-Bheda ( Enmity among friends)
Mitra-Prapti. ( Getting new friends)
KAkOlukiya ( A crow and Owl)
labdhapraNAsha - Surviving with presence of mind.
apirikhita-karaka. - Discrimination against unheard, unseen,unknwon and  untested.

Even though they are on very very  complex subjects, the presentation in form of simple stories and animals. It is so simple that, often the small stories from panchatantra is considered  children books .