Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Respect to Cow

      Dharitri, the earth,  able to give grains, sugar, fruits. She gives that when dug up/kicked by tractors or left alone quietly. She is mother Dharitri. The cow is similar,  it can be beaten up, it feeds on grass, but it knows to give milk, The cow is capable of giving milk just as a mother.

     Multitudes Historical movements are created every moment and are absolved into the great void, the Mahasunya.  Like beats of  Mridang, Like the dance of the Nataraj. What do these heavenly moments observe, asides the splendour of cosmos, infinite tolerance of Dharitri that holds us all...Could the cow with its infinite love, that nourished mankind with milk even while eating grass behold these moments ? Could the cow stand tall for such act of infinite generosity ? Certainbly, yes.

   With holy movements touching her, the gomata is translated as holy mother cow in english.

  After millenniums,  Man recognized the universe to be billions of years old. Other Men had imagined such an universe for millenniums. Such men, worshiped Gomata - the Holy cow - worthy of blessing in this world.

  Unlike the earth, the Mother cow  has  blood , flesh,  she breathes. 

  When men fought wars, exploited over choice, Holy cow knew children, she gave milk.   Men have asserted their taste buds,choice and right to kill lesser animals, still the holy cow knew her child is hungry, she gave milk.

   Such compassion and intent from an animal ! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tsarnaev Model for heavenly vision

Tsarnaev Transcripts :

His strength : "Fighting men who look into the barrel of your gun and see heaven, now how can you compete with that" .

   Other opinions : 
           #God has a plan for each person, some die hiding in boats,  others by direct hits.
           #All having a body => pain is shared ( God has one plan for pain ?)
                  Questions => Is there talk of pleasure being shared ( Except fringe communities).

Monday, March 9, 2015

India's Daughter

It is a movie with an interview of a convict. By design or otherwise, the convict justifies his actions. Movie funded  by grant from Ford Foundation, completed through a network of shadowy organizations using Indians. It was done by a woman, who admits to  have been raped . The govt banned it following legal issues.

The only person who fought with the attackers criticizes the movie for being insensitive.

Imagine a film maker travels to Belgium because she has heard of pedophilia, an interesting context !

 On making the movie.

 Its net impact

  • Paint the Indian culture through the words of a convicted rapist. Whether that rapist was paid ?
  • To change the conversion in India. Huge propaganda.
  • To change conversation outside India - A German professor denied Indian students.
 Read the real situation - a poor taxi driver. Here an actual experience. Here are some stats and context. India actually much better - in spite of colonial and post colonial govts. One has to have a heart to appreciate it.

  Most pathetic man turned out to be Richard Dawkins, he kept on tweeting to his millions of followers blaming "Tradition of Misogyny" . Dawkins thought the delhi gang rape was a cultural thing of savages - "They "punished" her for violating their cultural traditions by going out in the evening with a man who was not family" . Statistics, methodology and science are all ignored. There is some great disappointment with Dawkins.  Here is a refutation.

  Hillary Clintons foundation has forgotten about Bill CLinton and Daughter's of America. They are doing propaganda for daughter's of India.

  Tribeca Film Institute which is financed by the Ford Foundation, a body under the scanner of Indian agencies for funding PRS’s Lamp Scheme in India.

A critique of the movie.

Here is an interview of the movie maker.

Generalization, even though west has much higher rape rates:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

False gods

The Japanese worshiped a false god, USA did nothing. Says Oriely, 5 minutes into this video in one of the influential YV shows in USA. He is talking about false religion of ISIS.


  1.   Oriley doesn't see any political basis for Japanese disaster.  He can explain it in terms of religion.
  2.   He thinks that there is a true god, who is not the dead emperor of japan. Japanese erred in thinking the dead  emperor as the god.
  3. Worshipping the wrong god is similar to wrong religion of ISIS, it is associated with religion.
I can't imagine what would Oriely say of hindus, it is clear why the christians targeted the pagans.  There idea of god in west  is pretty close to 'moral' talking points - message, organization etc  and stronger the acceptance, greater the god.

By Oriely's logic,  If animals have life, and we slaughter them mindlessly -then Could we ask if the god we worship is immoral god ?


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Understanding Islamic State

Some points from the article :

  • Islamic state is a prophetic tradition. Example, When they talk of defeating Rome, they have some idiotic ideas on millennial war.
  • Denials of its Muslim origin comes from "interfaith-Christian-nonsense tradition." .
  • The fighters of IS are an authentic attempt to reproduce Islamic wars - it includes, slavery,beheading, crucification.
  • You don't want to be a Kaffur in Islamic State. It is as exactly as Indians used to remember. Most of Indian Seckularism is fraud.
  • Islam values Qurayash descent as more equal than the others - The Indian  seckularism is fraud in painting it as an idea, where all are equal.
  • Jesus - the 'prophet' of christianity has a part in the prophetic story, he would kill Dajjal. This is madness. It can go big.
  • All Salafis are not takfiri, revolutionary. some traditions can be violent in chopping off body parts, however they would spend inordinate amount of in trimming beards etc etc - Largely personal goals, It has to do with some free will of god , wars and caliphate.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Political operatives and Decimation of Indian inviduality

India found a lot of money and this idea - to pay money to 'people's representatives' for spending in the electoral constituency. It was good in theory. In practice it has produced too many annoying political operatives, all over the country.

  Welfare money and political operatives are in neighbor's house, in the remotest villages. All are trying to draw attention and get votes. Many are fed up and migrating to cities. These things are in cities too.

  The govt had a lot more money than the production in villages.  This brought power and a lot of surplus cash to political operatives. Individuals and individuality eventually lost to machine of political operatives. The only thing they had to do is to convince more people. Money was coming from  beyond .

  The problem might boil down to govt having money. They need established institutions to spend money. Since most of the hindu institutions were targeted in socialist policies, the problem for Indian govt was to create new structures for spending this money. Here comes the political operatives and welfare schemes.

 For few economists, Amartya Sens, the individuality enhanced. Welfare spending made them celebrities, they got a laboratory to partially implement  their ideas.

 For rest of Indian individuality - It is being subdued by political operators. A cheap operator can beat a non-political philosopher, well educated  businessman. Machines  are powerful. A lot are looking to migrate to cities. in cities to places where individuality is respected.

Old India with its caste, large families had Legendary individuals who constantly beat back organizations. America has plenty of individuality . Many Indians go to UK and make India an experiment for the welfare policies .

Friday, January 30, 2015

Death and defiance - a Buddhist attempt unearthed

An audacious attempt by a humble monk, you could say a death defying attempt. A buddhist monk, as if owning part of life.

 In modern world, ISIS/Taliban  have more impact,   They are able own more corpses , with which they make an argument for love of death.

Taliban figured, idolatry of Bamiyan Buddha was unnecessary in their vision of death of others. I would never imagine, to what depth the monks of Bamiyan looked when they saw the Buddha.