Thursday, October 30, 2014

Islam - Materialism and literary criticism

Following the beastly and demonic actions upon Yazidis, there has been a debate in USA and international media on Islam.

It shows that modern critical branches have been used in modern times to supported literary interpretation of islam, and in other cases explain away the violence by pointing historical and geographical issues :

1- 'Scholars'  like Reza Aslan using marxist methods, argue Islam as a doctrine is reflective of the political and pre-existing tribal/cultural conditions or tribal culture that reflects  the violence.

However,   (1)  direct verses are actually available in Islam for murder of infidels. (2) There are movements to take it literally. ISIS does it.

2- Aly Salem discusses   influence of Sayyed Qutb - "principal theorist of the Muslim Brotherhood". To quote him " It is not an exaggeration to say that Qutb is to Islamism what Karl Marx is to communism."
Mr Sayyed Qutb uses Western-style literary criticism to reject many of the philosophies and ideas ( "Greek empiricism and liberal democracy to socialism, Persian poetry and Hegelian philosophy" ) that has influenced others to various degrees.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Ebola owned by US Govt

Composition of Ebola virus is owned by ...USA govt ! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monotheism : An Hindu perspective and criticism

The Yzidi are "polytheist".  That is enough to bring primal horrors onto  these people.
Otherwise 'monotheisim' is a profound brand, people associate absurd value judgement with it .

The argument here, for worship of god, mono-theisim, two-theism is totally irrelevant and distraction.

1. One -  Colonial Context, 19th century Issue :

 The 'One' has been sought in counting prophets, holy books. The highly influential Max Mueller counted prophets/holy books etc to  classify Hindus with Jews in 19th century.  He put Islam, Christianity and Buddhism in a separate category.

 This classification later altered, instead of prophet requirement, One god was considered desirble, the jews flipped into the christian/muslim column as monotheists.

  Other than the prophet and god, race and nation have also fascination with the 'One' .

   Backed by empire, Oil Kingdoms and enterprising...the count of gods - number one - became a profound brand  in modern times.

2. The Human Issue of Number One:

      Cultural impact in India is profound.  While the 'One' was found in places like Pakisthan (Religion), Pre world war Germany ( Aryan), India suffered from the lack of a 'One' .   Reformers are acting hard to rectify the situation :  to make it 'One' .  For example,  Many popular groups have removed Hindu gods from the temples,  some have Prophet/Avatar is installed in new  temples and is worshiped.

    And then there are people who are obstacles to the One -  starting with most of traditional India.  Most of it won't survive much longer.

    Therefore, it requires an answer why monotheism is basically irrelevant and an explanation of Hindu view.

 3.Why Hindus considered monotheism /two-theism as irrelevant:

  It looks obvious the Brahmins of old villages and forests didn't make a big issue of counting One. However as philosophers and practitioners of numbers since few millenniums ,  how did they view this subject of one god ?

   I must add this is not an debate to be won in the Bazaar. The least it should show, the issue is more complex than an mob assertion of   'one' is better than, say, many  numbers from  one to  nine.

    Getting to numbers,  0, 1,2,3 are just points representing different values - except value of zero is not obvious.  Assume,  monotheists don't worship the value associated 'One'.  Here 'One' is a position, characteristically similar to 'two' which is a position. So  characteristically, 'one' is a 'lot' similar to the two.  When worshiping the 'one' is possible, worshiping the 'two' should be highly possible - characteristically one and two represents positions .mono-theism should be close to  two-theism .  If it sounds odd, this monotheism, polytheism is indeed an odd way to look at it.

      Now, One is a  whole number with certain extra properties.  This gives some space for special importance to one. However we will see that, by making 0 as the first digit,  One doesn't look so special.. So the details of  one are ignored for now.

    One may appear special, but when you look all, minimum it is paired with one more in a binary system - the zero.  At first sight, zero  indeed appears valueless.  But in hindu system, this zero exists, it doesn't have a obvious value, that doesn't mean that Zero lacks any value to be useless. It is obvious in indirect ways.  It can be viewed as a special  whole number, it is placed before one [0,1,...9].   The implication -  by addition of zero, 'one' is no more as unique as it appears at first sight. By adding Zero, it shows a  more complex and philosophical picture. By philosophical discussion, deep meditation and scriptural interpretation, religious worship of cosmic existence of un-manifested  Zero is followed in Hinduism. Same for Buddhism in terms of zero.

 So far we far we have seen,  'one' doesn't  start  it  once zero is recognized. In hindu system, there is a inter-ply between zero and others, including the 'One' . 'One' is not assumed independent, unique.   Therefore there has been no fixation with 'One' in orthodox hinduism . That doesn't mean that hinduism was ignorant of 'One' , 'two', 'three' . The point is orthodox hinduism  never forgot to start with zero.

There is a close concept in hinduism, it is not part of the number system, the adwita , many bring in the irrelevant argument that adwita  implies Hinduism is monotheism.  This misses the point ,  'One' doesn't uniquely describe the god.  One as itself is no so fundamental. There is an interplay between numbers, and then engima of  Zero .  People miss the totality when they are obsessed with the 'One' - because 'One'  doesn't represent god  any significantly differently that 'two' represents.

                                 * OM Ganeshaya Namah *

Monday, October 13, 2014

Yazidi women in Un-Holy war.

Updt : This is brutal. A lot of these people are destroyed.

It is as brutal to be a Yazidi. Husbands are killed infront of wives, who then are enslaved. Like capturing animals and trading them. There has been religious justification for the whole thing.

Beastly acts on infidels are taken to demonic levels in an interpretation of Islam that is rising in middle east,  and it had raised its ugly head in  history.  CNN has a heart breaking report.

“Unlike the Jews and Christians, there was no room for jizyah payment… After capture, the Yazidi women and children were divided according to the Shariah amongst the fighters of the Islamic State.”  : Gatewaypundit cites these brutes from Iraq and middle east.

  The  Yazidi worshipped  a pre-islamic deity   Tawûsê Melek  who is not from new testament or has issues with Adam from the new testament.

News in :Fox.   RT.

Updt:  a letter published in WP - It looks to violent history of islam. Yazidi coverage.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Syria Part-II

A lady defector from isis, in CNN"Everything around us was chaos,"...."My problem was I ran away to something uglier." . ...."At the start, I was happy with my job. I felt that I had authority in the streets..."

US paying to Syria rebels.

A NY Times article  on creating rebel force. McCain - a total warrior - on   Mujahideen: they didn't kill Americans. He can't think the relation between the mujaheddin, the taliban and not bothered violence that was unleashed.

Massive disruption and atrocity to Kurds. Hundreds of thousands leave their home in 24 hours.  It might be like getting herded across hindukush, Taimur Lang, Kala Pahad . However The kurdish events in 21st century. Time didn't change much.How to describe the unfortunate events ?

Historical articles :
The USA ambassador Ford and French diplomat traveled to meet the protesters.( 2011)

NY Times story ( 2012 ) :  there is no sign yet of a simultaneous mass uprising in any of the major cities. 80,000 Christians were cleansed by the Free Syrian Army in the Homs province.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'Moon god' found Israel and One god in India !

Twenty First century. Hundred years into an era when fixation with 'one god' explained all. 'One god'  could inspire revolutions, jehads and independence, more than once in 19th/20th century.

Looking back, In the Kingdom of Janaka in ancient Bharat, There was a Brahmin, who  responded Akash ( Literal meaning sky, in the context meaning not limited to visible sky) to a statement of  one.  That discussion, as far as I know, didn't include a response on Zero. A Hindu Brahmin and Acharya once mentioned both manifested and unmanifested for zero, while emphasizing its existence. Thousands and thousands years ago they knew about one and zero, sun, moon, the vastness of the manifestation and the anadi, the Brahma, The eternal mother .

It is this age, where  Half of the planet, revolutionaries, Indian reformers, bureaucrats, modern missions and more could reply 'god' when you speak of one. Lata mangeshkar on the one - if there would be no zero, the linked song would be eternal.

 The Sun temple  has lost from the consciousness of present into relic of material history, one such relic was destroyed by the ISIS in Iraq.  Sun no longer moves the day. Moon doesn't bring the cool in the neon lit night.

 Somebody has found  ancient 'moon god', of all places, in Israel. As a revolutionary may say, its time is gone.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Deconstructing national attacks

More than one factors lead to creation of revolutions . Following examines some of the international situation that may have some effect on Ukraine incidents. Following ignores the immediate and near/domestic causes, however significant they may be . Thus some of the following may be applicable for other countries where similar revolutions happened.

(A) Economic resources : Shale gas.

    A cyprus based company,Burisma Holdings, also Ukraines largest gas company,  appointed Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, to its board of directors. Burisma  has Kerry's former chief of staff as a lobbyist. Its control is traced to an Ukrainian Oligarch and Governer who finances a pvt military. Lot and Lot of money and who's who of world power is involved to profit from it.Strong reason for supporting political change.

(B)- "Neocon" Political doctrine and media.

To quote from this article, "There is a “little-old-lady-who-swallowed-the-fly” quality to neocon thinking. When one of their schemes goes bad, they simply move to a bigger, more dangerous scheme."

This is a grand mischievous project from cold war era. It is like a conspiracy, but very well written and interesting take here, the Ukraine is related to Putin's interference in Syria.

On the mechanics of support :-

B1. "Neocon" media help, the on air resignation was managed by a staffer from Foreign Policy Initiative, a neoconservative think tank in Washington D.C

B2. Money was paid to "protesters".

B3. US state dept official asserting billions spent in Ukraine and choosing future Ukraine leaders.

(C)- George Soros / Progressives Political doctrine and media:

C0.  George Soros : George Soros replied thus, when asked about " you during the revolutions of 1989 funded a lot of dissident activities....Are you doing similar things in Ukraine?" - " the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now...", Soros replied on CNN.

C1. Too many revolutions by financing the opposition parties, particularly the violent lot. Egypt, Syria, Libya,...Unsuccessful ones in Iran. John McCain present with Syrian opposition and Ukrainian opposition.

C2. Culture wars -  Eastern European Nazi collaborators are honored in a revision of WW-II history. Goerge Soros have been accused of a Nazi Collaborator - That is just a perception by some. However that implies  culture clash, sovient culture  European nationalist  culture of 1930s.

(D) Alliances :

   Perhaps there is no free lunch. Ukraine is a lesson, when you are sandwiched between to very powerful entities, try to milk both of them rather than trying to beat one half-dead.

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