Sunday, September 20, 2015

On syria and other Obama revolutions, I had this post and this Posts .

This is 2015. Newly declassified documents show it was all known to a lot of people in USA.

The  US senator McCain,  some of the influential columnists, 'human right' orgs - all  supported or remained silent about it. All in name for democracy and human rights.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Colonial excuses and gaps.

"The very country of India is a British invention" - Claimed an internet friend from Britain/USA.

 However, One never hears anybody declaring  "pakisthan" was a british invention.

   Indian education, middle class, political system are all due to british.

However  Creation of  Pakisthani terrorist class, dictatorship, violence apparently  is not included as part of the   British invention .

 Colonial rule has been a killing machine  at many places - In  Australia- Less than  25 % of the precolonial population ( 1788) survived till 1930s.

 Colonial rule  in India stopped Indian development compared to world standards, or regressed. Its primary contribution is to kill Indian capability to be a prosperous nation for a long time.

  Colonialism killed :
  • A pan Indian language with dozens of  subsidiary languages, dozens of philosophies, some maths and most of Indian experience.
  • Colonialism destroyed and scandalized  Independence in literature - The days of Palm leaves are gone, with days of original ideas from India. Now Indians proudly contribute to Marxism, imperialism, and Hagelian history and anything developed in Europe.
  • Colonialism killed pride - Anybody becomes somebody in public life by  thrashing bit of culture and religion , almost none became somebody by celebrating indian culture - they had to be reformists. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Tribal progressives and Old humanists

"This man never pretended to be anything but a progressive himself, so yes, he so has his right to have his opinion"  - A wonderful lady is giving a bad justification on CNN, the man is excused if he belongs to the tribe. Progressives have tendency of tribal like affiliation though they pretend principles.

A good humanist speech on how the left uses argument of culture to defend islamists. this is the same left that creates culture revolutions in India.

 I used to think humanist audience supposed to be young , in this case the audience is old people.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Curiosity and Introspection- Sona Mohapatra

  It was  curiosity  and an introspection to find Sona Mohapatra .

Curiosity, because  I can be familiar with her  speaking style, understand her jokes.. because  I have met many women, not celebrities, ordinary people  who expressed in similar cultural way. I have a sense of cultural and musical experience,  that one   might experience if one grew up as  Ms Sona Mohapatra. Curiosity how she has done big, to know  she is a celebrity - I found from number of likes in her facebook page.

 This is good entertainment,  Sona has superlative words for women capability of unconditional surrender, love as in 'you are my love'. In this popular song She refuses to be sold for money - That is quite a depressing aspiration and value promoted among the youth, particularly by people who might have grown up with  Sati Savitri , tara, mandodari.  I see some consistency in this message - So this is the introspection part.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Communists and India

An informative article on role of Indian communists.

  • Indian communists supported Pakisthan Movement - Obvious, they disagreed with the british on the ruler. Tahira Mazar Ali Khan delivered the support. With major intellectual capital of communism from Europe, there was lot of similarity between communists and British.
  • Emergency was supported by soviet wing - in fear of RSS and hindus. Opposed by some others. The author of the above article resents the opposition, he thinks emergency would have broken the hindus.They hate Modi. Simple.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Raghukula riti Vs Derida - A Word on Relativist argument

My First impressions of Post Modernism - Key concepts 'relativism of truth' ( Appearance of truth in Samsara is a serious complex subject at the least - example: Maya) seemed to have burrowed from hinduism, except that it started at the wrong place, had the wrong focus, it stopped where hinduism barely begun to start. One of the concepts - relativism- is quite important to post-modernism.

Its main attack was truth, say truth of texts, cult leaders , of opportunists and terrorists.

However, it seemed, as if hindus/Indians are major consumer of this idea of post-modern relativism. Unlike in major 'religions', Significant Truths in hinduism are  not merely conclusion of logic or acceptance of text.  For extraordinary , it was extremely complex. For ordinary,   Sri Ramachandra didn't refer to a text before going to forest, Raghukula riti sada....

When post-modern relativism becomes popular in India, truth - the promise, the words ...became causality. The new truths has become organizations, affiliations, brotherhood, influence, party and food distribution etc. This is opposite of what could have happened easily.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

An utilitarian argument justifying death of Giraffe

A Giraffe was hunted down by a hunter. People criticized the hunter. Now she offers an utilitarian argument to justify the death of Giraffe :

  • The Giraffe was cut into pieces, its meat was fed to people.
  • Its bone scrapped out and used
  • The tail of Giraffe was cut and made ornaments.
Thus killing of Giraffe was proper, its photo was tweeted to honor its life.

Bretain and anglicized India used lot of utilitarian arguments to study the culture in third-world countries, most of those cultures are dead.