Friday, January 30, 2015

Death and defiance - a Buddhist attempt unearthed

An audacious attempt by a humble monk, you could say a death defying attempt. A buddhist monk, as if owning part of life.

 In modern world, ISIS/Taliban  have more impact,   They are able own more corpses , with which they make an argument for love of death.

Taliban figured, idolatry of Bamiyan Buddha was unnecessary in their vision of death of others. I would never imagine, to what depth the monks of Bamiyan looked when they saw the Buddha.


Friday, January 16, 2015

Majid Nawaj Interview


  • It is Orwell's animal farm, the novel, that brought back Nawaj from radicalism back to normal life.
This wouldn't sound strange if one considers the reason for his radicalism:
  • hip-hop of 1990s, the black nation and Malcom X - a new wave of Progressive activism. Progressives made everything anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism as a fashion, here  slavery, oppressed identities was a big topic. Amartya Sen was talking about multiple identities. Here, Nation of Islam provided an utopian meaning to islam, far away from pain, suffering, slaughter and jihad littered in history.
To generalize :
  •  Number of high profile jehadists, including an MIT trained woman took inspiration from this decade. Atrocious Increase in Kashmir terrorism, when BBC/left thought it is an economic issue.  Progressives convinced the Muslims that they are Utopian, revolutionary.
British news papers have become respectful so as not to display cartoons of religious figures. This is a symptom, it shows The quest for utopia is still on, at various levels.

[Updt: AN excellent report from Rand corporation. Breaking India from USA and Jawahiri have overlapping targets as far as India is concerned. No wonder Indian secularists are prospering, lot of support] .

Monday, January 5, 2015

Roma in France

 Raja Harischandra was facing the ultimate test, designed by the Maharshi Viswamitra for no less than the king of Suryavansa, the rewards and punishments spanned kingdoms of earth and celestial- The extremities were captured when the dead son of Rani Saiba arrived at the smasan(Crematorium), the Raja denied his own son the cremation for lack of a fee. This has brought tears to Indians and had guided Bharat for millenniums.   Raja Harischandra story was the first bollywood movie, MK Gandhi was inspired by him.

  For the dead Roma Kids in France, they face the same obstacle, however there is no inspiration here, no morals here. It is excuse. I thought France made a big deal of 'equality'. Whatever.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

NY Times target Hindus

The issue is few hundred people are reconverting to hinduism. NY Times, which remains mostly silent when hindus are killed, converted, slandered is concerned. There are a lot going in India. 100 idiotic conversions as editorial ? Possibilities -

 (1) NY Times is waging civilizational war. British did this since colonial times.

 (2) NY Times is doing the same thing that was done in Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Serbia - The idiots managed to destroy complete nations.

 (3) It warns Narandra Modi 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Indra's Net

Indras- Net  Looks like this book all about I have been trying to find here, and much much more which I would never have found.

It lays down the foundational basis for attack on hinduism.  I had suspected Romilla Thapper as utterly incompetent, but never imagined her source is other than a neo-marxism. Other names discussed are Paul Hacker, .....

One would know why Pankaj Mishra - Darling of foreign media as the top sepoy, attacks swami vivekananda after reading this book.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

International Relations - 2014

Ukraine and Syria had immense suffering. I had these posts when it all started.

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine.

Obama/Progressive policies may be seen in view of color and spring revolutions.

Western media , at times, can bring misery to other countries for sake of British and USA Govts. Examples, the support for turmoil in Syria which led to slave trade. The only positive here  is, it could be far worse.

The oil crash is discussed as an American- Saudi effort to target Russia for support of Syria, discussed in respectable journals.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Breaking India

Breaking India is important to understand modern Indian influences. Rajeev had researched it as formal subject, crucial work if Hinduism needs to survive.

You know - The German Lutheran Church is attacking India the most. [I had cheered the German team last month, my bad.] Mormon, Baptists are involved. Joshua project was mentioned.

 US Commission for religious freedom, set up by Bill Clinton,  are involved. Bill Clinton mentions this act only once in his book. Rajiv interprets it as give away to religious right.

  • USA puts India with category of Pakisthan, Saudi Arabia etc through this act. 
  • An Unfair methodology is used to bring in people from Joshua project, lutheran church to put pressure on India.
  • Christians, Jews, Muslims run this comission for religious freedom. Christian extremists such as chairman of world vision are nominated to this commission. Hindus are not there in this commission.
  • Reinterpretation of Tamil Classics since late 18th century.
  • Redefining the original culture for Tamil - conversion is going to original.
  • Bringing together Dravidian/Dalit identities as a major project of church.
  • These propaganda is spread widely.
  • Systematic media management - Christian media network.( 32 mins)
  • Nexus of leftist and Rights - For India they are same. Left work with Christians to condemn India. Ford Foundation and church ( 36 min) fund same things in India.
Consequences is assault on Sanskrit, Hindu.

  Intellectuals challenge : Redefine minority.
  Debate on Church hierarchy and minority.