Saturday, December 14, 2013

USA and Syria

How did USA got involved in syria so directly ? It had an army- almost- the FSA. It is like Afganisthan
 In the back of the truck sat a shipment of advanced communications equipment, provided by the United States. Kadi’s mission was to bring it to the Free Syrian Army, or FSA, the U.S.-backed rebel coalition whose main base sat just a few miles into Syria.

And with this,  I think  I have lost all this talk freedom from west. Obama admin has something going on with the radical , It is like afganisthan again.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Arab Spring and the USA

The telegraph reports secret training by CIA to create war in Syria.  CIA support to create revolution in syria may be atleast be  since    sept 2012. More here . More here . The war has produced millions of refugees, more so since threat of American attack.

    American interference to move Mubarak out is widely covered in international press.

   The American attack on Libya is basically cheating the UN, false reasons to throw Gadafi. Obama and powerful people basically deceived people using their power to throw out Gadafi.

Few powerful people in media and USA politics can create rebellions using intelligent agencies like CIA, they can change world opinion. BBC and CNN deserve contempt, they are too nationalistic when it comes to western governments. (Updt:) Here is another argument on chemical weapons, similar arguments used by Govts of Russia, Syria, probably china. Rebels with chem weapons in Turkey, before June-6. More here.

  CNN and BBC didn't entertain the idea in any significant way that others could have access to chemical weapons or kitchen variety sarin may be available easily.

Updt: CNN's Ammanpore essentially threatens , discredits and scares Syrian Ambassador with bombs like a school bully,  all the while very scared and tense to deviate from political stance of rebels/USA bureaucracy.

Updt : Brooking institution report on how to remove Assad, including by destabilizing the country by training "rebels". It identifies Russia as a diplomatic roadblock. As if on clue CNN usually doesn't bring up the Russian chemical weapon reports submitted to UN.  It is just like people working in big projects in a bureaucracy - managers refer  approved sources/docs  for justification, even when the whole thing may be falling down the hill.

 Arab Springs is a verbal distraction for creating  revolutions  and mayhem in many countries. Muslim brotherhood group has been installed in libya, in egypt after mubarak and have majority in syrian rebel group.

Monday, August 12, 2013

James Mill & Stuart Mill

James Mill and Stuart mill had profound effect on perception of India, towards a very negative one. They earned money and name for themselves by doing this.

 India has long history. Free ( Mukti) was imagined daily and preserved in Bharat through mediaval dark ages of Europe. In span of hundred years, Stuart Mill's idea of Liberty has replaced the vision that Vyas and Shankar had taught to their disciples on mukti .  Organized attacks on Brahmins, Controlling the organization and speech of Brahmins made this happen.

  James Mill  had focus  of a power broker. Mills never visited the Indian colony, but his books were considered highly influential in 19th century.  His books are considered as the single most source of Indophobia and hostility to orientalism.

  Stuart Mill is the son of James Mill. He is considered a philosopher of utilitarianism. For a century, Mills ideas on ethics was adopted by colonists to lead the vilification of Indian civillization as unethical.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Necessity of Dalit for sake of history, Dalit Vs Harijan, Caste and Race

The Oppressed (Or Dalit) and its necessity for predictive history :

Gandhi called them Harijan - Children of God. 

In the socialist world of Oppressor Vs Oppressed, the oppressed directly translates to "Dalit" . Dr BR Ambedkar, a London educated labor leaning politician, who for most of his life remained faithful to British govt, an opponent of Mahatma Gandhi , Ambedkar was the face of oppressed or a  "Dalit" . 

 After 250 years of Aurangzeb, 100+ years into British rule , The empire was plotting ideas to control India, sometimes in elite western universities.  Ideas of race, class, theoretical history, rudimentary philosophy was applied on India .

  •  Whether India  can be described by progressive history - fight of oppressor Vs Oppressed as required by 
    1. Social darwinism. 
    2. All sister system of Hagel - including Marx where duality was needed for progress.
  • Whether it is fight of Biblical races : Aryans driving into Dravidians.
    1. Using Social Darwinism
    2. Using theories of migration
  • Whether India can be described by newly learnt linguistics ( Incidentally this subject was highly developed in India).
    1. Languages as reflection of races as may be predicted from biblical studies.
  Communist Progressives fight with racists for idea. But they operate in very similar systems with a common requirement - The Black Or the Oppressed must exist for sake of history- Marxist and Race theories needed the Oppressed, defeated, black people to create and validate their version of theoretical history .   

  That is one idea of Dalit . Dalit is the one that was defeated by Aryans in racial history ( for racial anthropology). Dalit is the oppressed in the history class struggle against oppressors ( for socialist marxist). Sometimes one finds a passage here and there separating these two meanings of Dalit, but generally they overlapped.

   As an idea, this is different from Gandhi's Harijan. Gandhi's Harijan didn't require the Oppressor/Oprressed,  Aryan/Dravidian type of framework.

 For Govt both have lot of intersection - Scheduled Castes.

 Caste, Race and All strong cocktails :

  Caste is a european (spanish ? ) term for race. But Caste is synonymous by usage  with Indian communities called Jati.

  (1)Caste Vs Race  :  In principle One could be an out caste . Could one be racially exiled ? 

     Just as American by default  is by birth or decent, similarly default Caste is by birth. A child is borm to a community, he has to follow the rules.  Practical Caste is more defined by nature of work and disciplines, applied to social communities ( Similar to tribes ).

  The Race and Progressive theories work in a gross system that scales almost linearly  across the world,  and  through history. Indian Castes follow a different system of society, it doesn't scale arbitrarily across geography or time : 

      (a) An Aryan by conception could be civilized. A Brahmin could be civilized. Therefore a bunch of Aryans would create a civil society. Bunch of Brahmins ? By a saying they would argue with each other.

     (b) A hindu procession typically  lead by drummers  identified as Harijan .   Many offerings completed by Brahmin has to be procured by a Harijan.

     Race is description of a complete social group. A caste is a description of part of society. Aryan race didn't  mandate presence and tasks for a  Jew in his marriage as social custom.

  Many have felt the mystique of India through ages, including westerners to their bewilderment.  That mystique is real India that survived millenniums . Most Indians who are firmly opposed to caste even don't think in terms of race.

 (2)  Dalit/Harijan/Jatis Rights  Vs Slaves : Many find it easy to draw western attention by making castes equivalent to races .

  •     All Castes are communities - they are not traded like slaves.

  •    Castes as social groups has  inherent  traditions of family, marriage, honor ,social relations, religion and culture. 

  •    The Highest Jati of Brahmin didn't have any economic rights other than begging and accepting gifts. A brahmin in many cases was barred to cultivate is own land, to trade etc. 
           The direct participation of Brahmin in economic and worldly activities institutionalized with relaxed caste norms. Practically economic activity would have been different at different times and places, however comparison of caste with slavery is misunderstanding. 

  •     In a rural society, the Harijan castes did have certain rights for their living mainly through rights of fishing, poultry, eggs, liquor, certain agricultural products  and certain religious and agricultural  services. 

The traditional caste is  incomprehensible to  systems developed in west. Indian systems developed by Brahmins  are not intellectual  and distant. Intellectually People have found highest morals, amazing description of universe, great architecture, linguistics, mathematics and philosophy, powerful states  but in snippets.  Until late colonial period, Indian system was considered mystic. Indians might have  considered this preoccupation in colonizing and large business incompatible. 

  Theories of race and migration have been used by govt and powerful to administer, but they have been unsuccessful descriptions.


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