Friday, December 26, 2014

Indra's Net

Indras- Net  Looks like this book all about I have been trying to find here, and much much more which I would never have found.

It lays down the foundational basis for attack on hinduism.  I had suspected Romilla Thapper as utterly incompetent, but never imagined her source is other than a neo-marxism. Other names discussed are Paul Hacker, .....

One would know why Pankaj Mishra - Darling of foreign media as the top sepoy, attacks swami vivekananda after reading this book.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

International Relations - 2014

Ukraine and Syria had immense suffering. I had these posts when it all started.

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine.

Obama/Progressive policies may be seen in view of color and spring revolutions.

Western media , at times, can bring misery to other countries for sake of British and USA Govts. Examples, the support for turmoil in Syria which led to slave trade. The only positive here  is, it could be far worse.

The oil crash is discussed as an American- Saudi effort to target Russia for support of Syria, discussed in respectable journals.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Yazidi women in Un-Holy war.

Updt : This is brutal. A lot of these people are destroyed.

It is as brutal to be a Yazidi. Husbands are killed infront of wives, who then are enslaved. Like capturing animals and trading them. There has been religious justification for the whole thing.

Beastly acts on infidels are taken to demonic levels in an interpretation of Islam that is rising in middle east,  and it had raised its ugly head in  history.  CNN has a heart breaking report.

“Unlike the Jews and Christians, there was no room for jizyah payment… After capture, the Yazidi women and children were divided according to the Shariah amongst the fighters of the Islamic State.”  : Gatewaypundit cites these brutes from Iraq and middle east.

  The  Yazidi worshipped  a pre-islamic deity   Tawûsê Melek  who is not from new testament or has issues with Adam from the new testament.

News in :Fox.   RT.

Updt:  a letter published in WP - It looks to violent history of islam. Yazidi coverage.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Syria Part-II

A lady defector from isis, in CNN"Everything around us was chaos,"...."My problem was I ran away to something uglier." . ...."At the start, I was happy with my job. I felt that I had authority in the streets..."

US paying to Syria rebels.

A NY Times article  on creating rebel force. McCain - a total warrior - on   Mujahideen: they didn't kill Americans. He can't think the relation between the mujaheddin, the taliban and not bothered violence that was unleashed.

Massive disruption and atrocity to Kurds. Hundreds of thousands leave their home in 24 hours.  It might be like getting herded across hindukush, Taimur Lang, Kala Pahad . However The kurdish events in 21st century. Time didn't change much.How to describe the unfortunate events ?

Historical articles :
The USA ambassador Ford and French diplomat traveled to meet the protesters.( 2011)

NY Times story ( 2012 ) :  there is no sign yet of a simultaneous mass uprising in any of the major cities. 80,000 Christians were cleansed by the Free Syrian Army in the Homs province.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama foreign policy

Barack Obama authorized Air Strikes over Iraq's Kurdish region. The purpose was humanitarian, OIL,  as well as political- as per John McCain - To prevent taking over of the Erbil by the ISIS.

 Two days later, Maliki is not being invited by the president  as prime minister of Iraq, as required to following the elections  results. US never supported Iraqi military against ISIS with Air Strikes.

The Incidents begs question - Did USA leave the Iraq into turmoil until it manages to drive  Maliki out as  prime minister of Iraq ? [ Updt: After Maliki removed, 100  missions per day].

 That would be  the 4 or 5th  instance to secretly  interfere in other countries to overthrow the govt.  It sounds as disruptive as Obama's domestic policy. Targeted for utopian improvements, it ends up with dysfunctional uncertainties.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Other Minorities - Is this the end for Yazidis of Iraq ?

Fox news reported Iraqi militants seized control of largest christian city, threatened its residents to leave, convert or die. For the other minorities.......

   For the Other minorities; to quote "members of another religious minority remained trapped on a mountain without enough food or water" . The Yazidis  are other minorities, alleged as Saytan worshipers, though the Yazidis themselves don't utter that word .

 The telegraph reports, they were forced out of Georgia and Armenia during the nationalist (also called democratic) movements, after the fall of Soviet Union.

The Other minorities are not Saytan worshipers, in fact they are one of the ancient religions of Iraq.

Yazidis do not believe in permanence of heaven or hell, the cosmos is a much bigger place and impermanent. So the Jiva go through  reincarnation, which they call the soul “changing its clothes”  - It is like an Indian Saint speaking about life.

Yazidis believe that good and evil both exist in the mind and spirit of human beings.Tawûsê Melek, the "arch angel"/Deity  allocates responsibilities, blessings and misfortunes. Tawûsê Melek, as per Yazidi history, said he doesn't submit to any other than god. God was pleased with his devotion.

 In later periods, Responsibilities defined by a Tawûsê Melekas  were modified and replaced by  Duties such Jehad , spreading god's message  as defined by and for furtherance of  organizations/movements . Thus,  Tawûsê Melek  needed to be avoided and discredited before the people.

Command and will of god ( owned by the organizations) replaced god.   That Tawûsê Melek had surrendered to god, he won't submit to any other than  god, That God was pleased  on Tawûsê Melek for his devotion - All  this was  not of relevance to some  later movements . The traditions where celestial beings could  request to be near god, discuss or even  ask a question to god was ignored. All that defined  god was his will or message.It didn't matter whether god was pleased on Tawûsê Melek, later movements concocted him as Shaytan  because some perceived he disobeyed god's command. 73 Genocides followed the  Yazidies.

It is difficult to find god in Iraq, in-spite of abundance of faithfuls . Obama has signed some military help, but is not clear what is it meant for.[ Updt: The attacks are designed to avoid the slaughter of Yazidis and christian minorities.  ]

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Middle east Sectarianism

An article from independent with scary statements but apparently true as one can see from brutalities
ex-MI6 boss hints at a plan going back over a decade. In some areas, being Shia is akin to being a Jew in Nazi Germany. 
Before 9/11, Prince Bander warned about coming fate of Shias before the head of MI6 :
Prince Bandar told him: "The time is not far off in the Middle East, Richard, when it will be literally 'God help the Shia'. More than a billion Sunnis have simply had enough of them."
 Saudis also support LET, as per USA state dept.
The then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote in December 2009 in a cable released by Wikileaks that "Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qa'ida, the Taliban, LeT [Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan] and other terrorist groups."
It is this anti-Shia strategy that makes Saudi and Qatar support the Syrian insurgency.  :
 The fatal moment predicted by Prince Bandar may now have come for many Shia, with Saudi Arabia playing an important role in bringing it about by supporting the anti-Shia jihad in Iraq and Syria. 

Links to previous posts in the blog :
Color revolution, Spring revolution etc
War lie and Jehad for democracy?
USA and Syria
Libya, Syria and then Ukraine
Chasing Mirage at no cost - Libya 3 years later

Friday, July 4, 2014

West's reward and Undeserving and Ungrateful colonies

On the subject of India being ruled, Karl Marx approved: "The question is not whether the English had a right to conquer India, but whether we are to prefer India conquered by the Turk, by the Persian, by the Russian, to India conquered by the Briton".

 Karl  Marx was a savage by results of his work. He appears as a mad man with so many confusions. Obsessed with his confusions, He had less idea on world, civilization and India. The man is responsible for creating theories by modifying Hagel, incidentally Hagel's  with postulation "world as an idea" would be shocked to find some Indians talking  "world as a dream" .

The article quotes  George MacDonald Fraser as Victorian empire "the greatest thing that ever happened to an undeserving world".

"Peter Whitfield, writing in Travel: A Literary History" -  "It amounted to a theory of cultural destiny – that the European maritime nations were destined to bring Christianity and civilisation to a pagan and savage world, and their reward was to be the wealth and riches which the indigenous populations themselves were incapable of appreciating and valuing."

Sounds like Jehad, where Jehadis are promised plunder, wealth and women.

On Orientalism : "Underlying colonialism was what the author Edward Said described in 1978 as Orientalism. This was a reference to the patronising attitude of Westerners towards Asian, Middle Eastern and African societies. They were seen as static and underdeveloped, to be shaped by a superior West in accordance with its own image."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fall of Mosul

Mosul has been famous to June 2014 because its spectacular  fall to ISIS - The Iraqi taliban. About a thousand people, news said,  managed to takeover a city. Like an Obituary of eminent people, sectarian  justifications of Shia  Vs Sunni of Iraq, standard identities clashing for history,  were already prepared and out before any horrors, takes and mysteries of war.

The ISIS brutality was next topic. The ISIS appears to have special faith in  defiance  of death (violent pictures), the unfathomable and undefeatable one.  In death of adversaries , The ISIS operatives own corpses and they seemed quite satisfied with it. They lined it up in the Streets in Mosul to terrify others. The glory and vitality of life  and all its meaning was redefined by the terrorists to dumbness. This shocks people who know better.The terrorist in return has a perverse pleasure in the terror as if it validates more than evil.

Some speculation and analysis of  the war.

This is good article on Mosul gives a historical perspective. Mosul  had a lot of sectarian issues since 1990s .

Friday, June 6, 2014

Color revolution, Spring Revolution etc - Failed foreign Policy in different names.

Updt June21 2014: New disclosure from documents obtained by  Al Hewar centre  a puts speculation to rest. USA Administration had links with Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria. These are 4 countries that went through Arab Spring violence and wars. USA state dept helped Muslim brotherhood creating political party in Libya " both an opportunity and an obligation".  NY times, Tom Friedman , BBC couldn't speculate any of that.

Forbes interview mentions CIA role in Syria was signed by Obama.
Carnegie Center the SNC of Syria was mostly Muslim Brotherhood controlled.
Guardian: British had plans to train 100,000 army to attack on Syria, Clinton Supported, Obama vetoed - democracy !
NY Times : CIA Coordinated Syria attack from turkey, paid for by Saudi, Turkey, Quatar. Muslim Brotherhood of Syria is used.

UN's DelPonte on Sarin. Turkeysh Prosecutor.

NY Times story on President Obama's Cairo speech. It was a reset of American relations.  But in the quoted paragraph, he wished a liberal democracy for Egypt.
You must maintain your power through consent, not coercion; you must respect the rights of minorities, and participate with a spirit of tolerance and compromise; you must place the interests of your people and the legitimate workings of the political process above your party. Without these ingredients, elections alone do not make true democracy.”

Behold ! People  in egypt now became democratic activists.  Facebook and twitter became natural  instruments in creating powerful revolutions.  What did President Mubarak, the old man know about the age of twitter and facebook ? He bowed out to twitter and facebook.  Arab Spring followed.

It has been evident from subsequent violence, coup and all that,  the twitter and facebook are not a new kind of instrument  that  is enough to self organize the good. The face of revolution that threw Mubarak changed soon. Face of revolution was not represented by grass root. 

  •     Was events in egypt all that natural ?Or is it possible that selected  revolutionaries pushed too far to takeover govt  knowing support from outside? 

  •  NATO  bombed  Libya. Why Gaddafi was deposed  to create utter chaos ?  Was there selected people waiting to take over libya after Qaddafi ? 
  •   The  Qaddafi  for Syria is Bashar. NATO bombing of syria abandoned, but there has been covert support by west and allies.
  •    The Hosni Mubbarak for Ukraine is its former president.  The  war is going on in its major cities in Ukraine. Kremlin  brands color revolution as a form of warfare
Same questions elsewhere...what was it intended to be achieved in Syria ?

Could it be  some powerful people who got carried away too far  in their "knowledge" of good/bad/morals and consequences and unleashed violence in so many places ?

Could it be that these countries suffered because somewhere the NATO bureaucracy woke up to that fact that they were  Non Aligned with closeness to Russia ?

Could overthrowing non aligned govts through stealth revolution is the Obama doctrine ?

 Updt: Robert Ford with Syrian protesters when it was a peaceful country. 50 or so comments are all negative on Ambassador Ford's suggestion of sending arms.
 Here is Rueters news , Overwhelming public opinion as shown above comments doesn't matter. US state dept has so many allies, their pull and Push and underhand deals that it has become corrupted with lot of arms trading .They do send arms.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Property ownership in tradition of renunciation

The NCERT book has gone worse in last 10 years, from "Hindutva", a balanced opinion on Indian culture, it has gone imperialist.  Generally vile, race discussions from all over the world is printed for school children to digest.

      Caste is introduced in terms of property ownership - "untouchable" didn't own land while "twice born" had right to education. This is unnecessary, poorly written and misleading.

 Land holdings

     Indian had this tradition of renunciation and sacrifice for all.  The quest for life didn't  revolve around  ownership of  money, property and business for all . Trying to explain the renunciation through ownership has produced bunch fools and absurdities.

      For properties,  In addition to ownership,  work allocated to caste, situation and morality mandated rights to be  exercised over property.  Most learned Brahmins couldn't cultivate their own land because that was not included in their work. The owner of the property could be a trustee.

       Simillarly, other castes including the Shudra had exclusive  rights to public and private property, for doing certain work. A Brahmin couldn't go for fishing to the village river, a shudra caste person  could grow chicken, do fishing etc.

      It is not very clear even Brahmins had lot of quest for holding of the land. The Brahmin had this tradition of giving up property and going Sanyas,there was always a certain percentage of floating Brahmins, sanyasins without any property,  thus it was necessary to give the Brahmin rights to begging. Land was mostly managed by the King and whom ever he pleased.

      It is only since British rule, Brahmins close to British (ex:  Rabindranath Tagore's grand father) had significant property holdings, but Tagore were anti-Brahmins, and during this period land holding was  not controlled by caste laws.  People close to british got most of the land. NCERT authors are silent about this aspect of land ownership.

    Thus the NCERT book doesn't focus on the strong tradition of renunciation existing with tradition of partial ownership. Both Brahmins and Shudras are excluded from the ownership aspect to various extent. Brahmins, because they have right to study Vedas, the quest of Vasudeva  was worthier holding  than ownership of property and kingdom. Shudras because they have tamasic rights for pleasure - rights to capture fish, birds, cultivate chicken.


Friday, April 25, 2014

War, Lie and Jehad for Democracy

War and Lie for democracy is described here, by a former AP reporter Robert Parry. Even an MIT rocket scientist wonders if John Kerry Lied:
“According to our analysis, I would not … claim that I know who executed the attack, but it’s very clear that John Kerry had very bad intelligence at best or, at worst, lied about the intelligence he had.”
Robert Parry shows how  interest groups provide information to lazy bureaucrats to hijack govt agenda.

One such group is National Endowment for Democracy. This organization spends billions of dollars in a single country of target. It tries to influence writing national constitution, media coverage and organizing people for strikes.
Link to a post on cost in Syria. Most of the literature was manufactured by contractors of state dept [ ARK [Access Resources Knowledge], Chemonics, Creative [Associates International]—a number of the big contractors ] Read more. For Syria, a fresh college graduate was used to produce the war literature.

All this goes in name of Democracy. For the title of the post, "Jehad" was added to emphasize these wars are a lot similar to the old ones.

Updt : Friedman of NY Times now talks of "awe-inspiring burst of democratic aspirations" , even after his "Arab Spring" turned deadly.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Mao needed to study "dialectics"

I have the same question why I am reading what a dialectics is, but marxists have taken over all the institutions of India, they were dishonest to an ancient civilization , they were brutal and arrogant. The source of their confusion needs to be understood.

As per this book ( Mao Zedong on Dialectical Materialism: Writings on Philosophy, 1937 - p-125) Mao says the reason to study dialectics to achieve the objective of changing china and world. The change to aim liberation from national oppression and social oppression.

Dialectics : As per Angels, "It is therefore, from  the history of nature and human kind that the laws of dialectics are abstracted. For they are nothing but the most general laws of these two aspects of historical development. And indeed they can be reduced to three fundamental laws : transformation of quality into quantity and vice versa, the unity of contradictions and negation of the negation".

 Mechanical  Materialism(Objective world)/Dialectics and thought :   "While being laws of the objective world, laws of dialectics are also laws of subjective thought, and that is because laws of human thought are none other than the laws of the objective world reflected in the brains of humans through practice."

 In other words :
  • Laws of nature are already abstracted to this thing called dialectics. Marxists apply this dialectics and call it science.
  • Laws of nature can be derived from history. [ Ramachandra Guha, Romilla Thapper, DN Jha - all extreme secularists are eminent historians].  To understand Indian mediocrity and corruption, compare dialectics followed by Indian eminent to the laws of nature and its scope as espoused by works of of Richard Feynman, newton, Gauss, Einstein, Poincare,Lobachevsky, Schrodinger etc .   **
  • Laws of nature thus abstracted into this dialectics thing, ominously applies to human thought.  Once the eminent intellectuals knew the correct thought of civilization, what did they do to the Indian villages, Indian families, Bharat, Sanskara and depth of humanity ? 
  • An easy intellectual answer is possible for everything if you know dialectics and believe in it.

**There was an India  in the JNU History and Political science depts. It produced our ruling class. There was a Bharat that had long history of education, they knew sankhyA and Sankhya, Raga, Art and Sanskrit in their villages.  This Bharat managed to inspire IT employees for Tatas and Infosys, Philosophers to sweeten marxist utopia and in between some less than world class engineering in IITs and central labs.

Updt: An article in NY Times on Rising Marx.

Updt: Excellent article, it defines  material basis in a real life situation.This kind of things is widely used, It appeared strictly Newtonian.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chasing mirage at no cost - Libya 3 years later

Ask a vendor, and he can pull out bigger machine guns to sell for thousands of dollars.
This arms market ( AP Story) has replaced a fish market in Libya. That dream of  less violence in neighborhoods, household  with happy going families or individuals is replaced with hopelessness and different dreams. 35,000 people were rendered homeless in a single act of revenge in a single town, that is hopelessness. On the other hand, The new dream is to join militias who provide securities to installation. Top level jobs include exporting insecurity to other places, exporting anti-aircraft weapons to attack helicopters, planning hizacking of oil tankers.

The war  followed a simple pattern that is not working :-

  •  The Gadaffi  was portrayed as the evil 
  •  Once evil was removed, it was implied,  light would dawn just as it follows the night.
  • The Orchestrators - Hillary Clinton celebrate  new dawn - "We came, we saw, he died" to close the circle.
 The Guns and radical Islamist were not in the script. However events have portrayed the apparent dawn was a mirage. A generation have to readjust in hostile environment.

 Few journalists and bureaucrats like Clinton could chase the mirage , just because there is no equivalent cost involved, all they have to do is to retire of things go wrong.

This article  has some description on mechanics of such decisions, even if partially correct .

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine

Updt: Two months after the post was written, Ukraine death toll has gone to 200+ . West supports all this for in name of more democracy and more transparency.

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine - US senator John Macain cheered  turbulence and violence in once peaceful places. It seems, Mccain is fighting old wars -  when he was not senile and US had cold-war issues with Libya, Syria and USSR.

Support for violence was provided by so called "west" in all three places. Media says it is people's free choice, as in liberation of Libya .

Libya - (Link Hillary Clinton cheering of Qaddafi torture and kill ) .

Syria ( What it means to be a Dhimma - Half ounce of Pure gold! here again.  What does Fox News say about Assad ?).

What is happening with Ukraine  - A well researched article.

to quote :

The crisis which has unfolded in the streets of Kiev since November has its roots in the diplomatic maneuvering of European diplomats as far back as 2008. In May of that year, the foreign ministers of Poland and Sweden, Radek Sikorski and Carl Bildt, proposed the formation of an Eastern Partnership (EaP) which was to serve as a forum for the discussion of, inter alia, free trade and visa agreements between the EU and the presumably aspirant nations on Europe’s southeastern periphery.
European Commission President Manuel Barroso. In a press conference held in Milan on December 9, Barroso twice appealed to Ukrainians to “have the courage and go out and fight.”


Though one of the architects of the EaP, Sikorski was forced to admit recently that “…the EU seriously overestimated the attractiveness of its offer,” a report in February 3rd’s New York Times indicated that, rather than leave well-enough alone, American and European diplomats are planning to counter Russia’s bailout package while Vladimir Putin is distracted by the Sochi Games.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slave history and conversions

The article describes early conversation efforts. Part of it also shows attitude towards the conquered people.

"Many masters can't be persuaded that Negroes and Indians are otherwise than Beasts, and use them like such."

A slave is a worse slave when he is christian !  
 Some even believed "A slave is ten times worse when a Christian than in his state of paganism."

An idea   didn't match upto expectations of  freedom or propagation.   Laws were passed to  have it both the ways.Done deal !

Colonial legislatures sought to clear up this matter, and by 1706 at least six had passed acts denying that baptism altered the condition of a slave "as to his bondage or freedom." It wasn't just economics but a twinge of Christian conscience that prompted the legislation. As Virginia's law put it, it was passed so that masters, "freed from this doubt, may more carefully endeavor the propagation of Christianity."

Friday, January 31, 2014

Possibilities of man - Realizing greatness of Bharat(India)

I watched this Ayers/Desouza debate. The entire of speech of Bill Ayers was captivating. Desouza  started by being mean,   He defined  greatness of America by comparing  with India.

 For centuries, few who returned from Britain were not quite white, but could be  white enough for the colony. Foreign Returned became different people both for nationalist and british cause. Going to foreign, Getting to Aeroplane,  getting on the freeways are events that were awe inspiring to remember for Desouza.

However, I remembered a different story as well, after I returned to India with sickness and arrogance.

It was couple of years following BJP tested the nukes. Along with western media, intellectuals considered Indian cultural nationalism  like a menance. Desi mailing lists in USA went extremely negative on India. The leftists attacked caste, Brahmins and Brahminical conspiracies of hinduism.  Brahmins were portrayed as "Aryan' who came from west of India to perpetuate utter cruelty. A friend from Boston had told of a harvard library where  it contained racial measurement details of India.

I was in part a Brahmin, a nationalist, a technologist and was nice to all. The Aryan invasion ideas were new to who I was, and it was brutal. It was 1998/99. On the way to India from USA, the aeroplane few over western regions near Iran, Turkey. I had a fleeting thought, if I migrated to those jungles then may be I shall find a home, accepted.

Few hours later, I landed in delhi.  20 minutes into India, through the roads of delhi I tried to find potential aryans, whites... To my surprise, even the Brahmins, northern Indians  were not that white ( Compared what I was accustomed as being white in USA) . It took me some time to settle and be happy with relatives around. That was crazy, It is as if sickness had taken over me.

That was one experience, I had realized the extent of sickness that  made people consider skin color as a fundamental attribute of human race . This sickness is comparable to  St.Francis Xavier goan inquisition, Goa  from where Dillip Desouza hails.

    Tentatively I had realized sickness of white supremism. I had peeked to  colonial british  govt agency that sponsored programs to find these races in India. I figured entire Indian history is constructed on the basis of races, as do gods and morals. Soon I realized philosophy is new subject in west, it is not matured and they don't have many of the  alternate constructs. Few exceptions.

This is where I realized greatness of India,  Indian culture had defined man far far beyond skin colors, preferences, value of  man beyond wealth and power and achievement -even far beyond his identity conferred by birth and death.  it is in his realization, duty and dedication. Thus Gandhi was able to use "non violence" to rally a nation to fight against British.  India led defining humans this way for millenniums, through old and middle ages. Even today west can't conjure it consistently.  So they create races out of Indian gods ,  it is multitude and incomprehensible to them.

 Sri Ramachandra went to forest to honor his father's words. Ekalabya for guru Bhakti. Bhisma remembered for his pratigyan. Dronacharya as guru. Karna for gifts,  and Raja  Harischandra for truth again. Krishna Jagat Guru.

 Thousands  of Indians identified with apparent  honesty in west, at least on arrival and got hooked into it. Many go back with arrogance, money and less understanding of a hindu Indian who is not like them. On this, again greatness goes to the injured Bharat which has been India.