Friday, December 26, 2014

Indra's Net

Indras- Net  Looks like this book all about I have been trying to find here, and much much more which I would never have found.

It lays down the foundational basis for attack on hinduism.  I had suspected Romilla Thapper as utterly incompetent, but never imagined her source is other than a neo-marxism. Other names discussed are Paul Hacker, .....

One would know why Pankaj Mishra - Darling of foreign media as the top sepoy, attacks swami vivekananda after reading this book.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

International Relations - 2014

Ukraine and Syria had immense suffering. I had these posts when it all started.

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine.

Obama/Progressive policies may be seen in view of color and spring revolutions.

Western media , at times, can bring misery to other countries for sake of British and USA Govts. Examples, the support for turmoil in Syria which led to slave trade. The only positive here  is, it could be far worse.

The oil crash is discussed as an American- Saudi effort to target Russia for support of Syria, discussed in respectable journals.