Monday, November 9, 2015

Modi's speech in a hospital

This speech ( or may be two are there) is quoted widely by the atheists to prove modi is unscientific, One claimed he is unfit for governance.

 I translate the speech to demonstrate his complete argument.

 My understanding - He inserts an event from Mahabharat and Lord Ganesh,  to bring in swadeshi perspective. The issue is not science/faith and all that confusion, he actually twists the Ganesh story to bring in a human plastic surgeon. This is part of his speech where he says we can do medical science, we are doing it, it was done in past, lets do in future for the poor people.

Babies dying -  matter of thought. Pregnant mothers dying-  matter of thought.
When Somebody drops in well, the media gives details how he is moving, breathing and the entire country in front of TV sets. But we don't know that near us, children die as soon as they are born. Sometimes babies die. Sometimes mother and babies die.
    Because basic facilities are missing. Society and Govt must give this priority, any amount of work towards this is not enough. in this direction will be good for poor and middle class people.
Today, medical science is changed. Tomorrow it will be changed more. More instruments are used. Medical instruments decide the cases before going to doctor. Medical instruments are costly. We have taken initiative so as to help medical instrument manufacturing. In todays IT age, through tele medicine, if remote people are connected in network, they can get better service. How the poor people get proper medicine using tele medicine, we are trying on it. Hopefully it will yield better results. On diseases, preventive care....The cost is more when one has the disease. Less cost to prevent it. Consciousness for preventive care, and facilities for preventive care are needed. For example clean water. Clean water can improve a lot.  .....discussion on rain water harvesting, increasing water level, less electricity costs by 15 crores. People remember 15 years back there, rain more than 3 days, you would see photos of hospital. more rain poor suffer, more sun poor suffer.....impact on families...Because of improvement in water quality, Ahemedabad didn't have epidemics in 10 years.

    I had read a report....40% children in Pakisthan die  because they don't wash their hands before eating. It is not specific to Pakisthan, it could happen here also. Discusses MP govt initiative where washing hands with soap initiative is taken in schools. he says, The country has to start from here. Discusses Yoga days and holistic health care. People have desire to go to stress free life. If we have something then why not share with the world.

   In the world, Indian doctors are famous. Our doctors are very respected......[boasting Indian doctors] .....

     Nita bahen was talking of Dhanwantari...In the village there was a baidya ( Ayurvedic Doctor), Villages were disease free. village. Now days there has been specialties, but more disease .... This is because we don't focus on preventive medicine, we don't respect ourselves.[ We don't take our care well]

   Nita bahen was talking of Dhanwantari[ This function was hosted on day  remembering Dhanwantari] ..In the village there was a baidya ( Ayurvedic Doctor), Villages were disease free. village. Now days there has been specialties, but matters are worse. This is because we don't focus on preventive medicine, we don't respect ourselves.[ We don't take our care well]

  Our country was good with medicine.... Karna was not born from Mother..It means there was genetics... Ganesh...Plastic surgery....Aryabhatta is validated by modern science. How do we do it again. ...

  Respects opposition . discusses how it can be done. Discusses scientists who made a cheap mars mission.

   Discusses a thought ...let all be happy, let it be peaceful...

 Discusses a sanskrit sloka by particular a king who said...  I don't desire liberation, don't desire rebirth, don't desire kingdom......working to remove tears is  greatest job.

  Discusses insurance initiative and closes.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

On syria and other Obama revolutions, I had this post and this Posts .

This is 2015. Newly declassified documents show it was all known to a lot of people in USA.

The  US senator McCain,  some of the influential columnists, 'human right' orgs - all  supported or remained silent about it. All in name for democracy and human rights.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Colonial excuses and gaps.

"The very country of India is a British invention" - Claimed an internet friend from Britain/USA.

 However, One never hears anybody declaring  "pakisthan" was a british invention.

   Indian education, middle class, political system are all due to british.

However  Creation of  Pakisthani terrorist class, dictatorship, violence apparently  is not included as part of the   British invention .

 Colonial rule has been a killing machine  at many places - In  Australia- Less than  25 % of the precolonial population ( 1788) survived till 1930s.

 Colonial rule  in India stopped Indian development compared to world standards, or regressed. Its primary contribution is to kill Indian capability to be a prosperous nation for a long time.

  Colonialism killed :
  • A pan Indian language with dozens of  subsidiary languages, dozens of philosophies, some maths and most of Indian experience.
  • Colonialism destroyed and scandalized  Independence in literature - The days of Palm leaves are gone, with days of original ideas from India. Now Indians proudly contribute to Marxism, imperialism, and Hagelian history and anything developed in Europe.
  • Colonialism killed pride - Anybody becomes somebody in public life by  thrashing bit of culture and religion , almost none became somebody by celebrating indian culture - they had to be reformists. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Communists and India

An informative article on role of Indian communists.

  • Indian communists supported Pakisthan Movement - Obvious, they disagreed with the british on the ruler. Tahira Mazar Ali Khan delivered the support. With major intellectual capital of communism from Europe, there was lot of similarity between communists and British.
  • Emergency was supported by soviet wing - in fear of RSS and hindus. Opposed by some others. The author of the above article resents the opposition, he thinks emergency would have broken the hindus.They hate Modi. Simple.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

An utilitarian argument justifying death of Giraffe

A Giraffe was hunted down by a hunter. People criticized the hunter. Now she offers an utilitarian argument to justify the death of Giraffe :

  • The Giraffe was cut into pieces, its meat was fed to people.
  • Its bone scrapped out and used
  • The tail of Giraffe was cut and made ornaments.
Thus killing of Giraffe was proper, its photo was tweeted to honor its life.

Bretain and anglicized India used lot of utilitarian arguments to study the culture in third-world countries, most of those cultures are dead.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Libya, Syria and then Ukraine- Bernard-Henri Levy

I had this post about a year back. Posts referred to similarity of operation in Syria, Libya, Ukraine and the revolutions in general.

 One interesting character,  that shadowed, foretold all the misery and wars - like a dark omen -is french philosopher Bernard Hery Levi. He was present in Ukraine, He was there in bringing wars and misery to Libya. He explained the rational as a western man and jew showing fraternity to Muslims.

As a public figure, Mr Levy's apparent good intentions is only matched by Mr McCain in contribution towards displacement of millions.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Respect to Cow

      Dharitri, the earth,  able to give grains, sugar, fruits. She gives that when dug up/kicked by tractors or left alone quietly. She is mother Dharitri. The cow is similar,  it can be beaten up, it feeds on grass, but it knows to give milk, The cow is capable of giving milk just as a mother.

     Multitudes Historical movements are created every moment and are absolved into the great void, the Mahasunya.  Like beats of  Mridang, Like the dance of the Nataraj. What do these heavenly moments observe, asides the splendour of cosmos, infinite tolerance of Dharitri that holds us all...Could the cow with its infinite love, that nourished mankind with milk even while eating grass behold these moments ? Could the cow stand tall for such act of infinite generosity ? Certainbly, yes.

   With holy movements touching her, the gomata is translated as holy mother cow in english.

  After millenniums,  Man recognized the universe to be billions of years old. Other Men had imagined such an universe for millenniums. Such men, worshiped Gomata - the Holy cow - worthy of blessing in this world.

  Unlike the earth, the Mother cow  has  blood , flesh,  she breathes. 

  When men fought wars, exploited over choice, Holy cow knew children, she gave milk.   Men have asserted their taste buds,choice and right to kill lesser animals, still the holy cow knew her child is hungry, she gave milk.

   Such compassion and intent from an animal ! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tsarnaev Model for heavenly vision

Tsarnaev Transcripts :

His strength : "Fighting men who look into the barrel of your gun and see heaven, now how can you compete with that" .

   Other opinions : 
           #God has a plan for each person, some die hiding in boats,  others by direct hits.
           #All having a body => pain is shared ( God has one plan for pain ?)
                  Questions => Is there talk of pleasure being shared ( Except fringe communities).

Monday, March 9, 2015

India's Daughter

It is a movie with an interview of a convict. By design or otherwise, the convict justifies his actions. Movie funded  by grant from Ford Foundation, completed through a network of shadowy organizations using Indians. It was done by a woman, who admits to  have been raped . The govt banned it following legal issues.

The only person who fought with the attackers criticizes the movie for being insensitive.

Imagine a film maker travels to Belgium because she has heard of pedophilia, an interesting context !

 On making the movie.

 Its net impact

  • Paint the Indian culture through the words of a convicted rapist. Whether that rapist was paid ?
  • To change the conversion in India. Huge propaganda.
  • To change conversation outside India - A German professor denied Indian students.
 Read the real situation - a poor taxi driver. Here an actual experience. Here are some stats and context. India actually much better - in spite of colonial and post colonial govts. One has to have a heart to appreciate it.

  Most pathetic man turned out to be Richard Dawkins, he kept on tweeting to his millions of followers blaming "Tradition of Misogyny" . Dawkins thought the delhi gang rape was a cultural thing of savages - "They "punished" her for violating their cultural traditions by going out in the evening with a man who was not family" . Statistics, methodology and science are all ignored. There is some great disappointment with Dawkins.  Here is a refutation.

  Hillary Clintons foundation has forgotten about Bill CLinton and Daughter's of America. They are doing propaganda for daughter's of India.

  Tribeca Film Institute which is financed by the Ford Foundation, a body under the scanner of Indian agencies for funding PRS’s Lamp Scheme in India.

A critique of the movie.

Here is an interview of the movie maker.

Generalization, even though west has much higher rape rates:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

False gods

The Japanese worshiped a false god, USA did nothing. Says Oriely, 5 minutes into this video in one of the influential YV shows in USA. He is talking about false religion of ISIS.


  1.   Oriley doesn't see any political basis for Japanese disaster.  He can explain it in terms of religion.
  2.   He thinks that there is a true god, who is not the dead emperor of japan. Japanese erred in thinking the dead  emperor as the god.
  3. Worshipping the wrong god is similar to wrong religion of ISIS, it is associated with religion.
Updt: ISIS destroying 2000 year Assyrian heritage because  of fear of wrong god - "It is worshipped instead of god".

 There idea of god in west  is pretty narrow - defined in terms of a prophet who gives a doctrine - mix of political/organizational, military and moral talking points. Worse atrocities and great passions are performed to justify it.

  If animals are observed to have life, and we slaughter them mindlessly -then isn't a poor talking point for a god defined in terms  messages delivered?


Friday, January 30, 2015

Death and defiance - a Buddhist attempt unearthed

An audacious attempt by a humble monk, you could say a death defying attempt. A buddhist monk, as if owning part of life.

 In modern world, ISIS/Taliban  have more impact,   They are able own more corpses , with which they make an argument for love of death.

Taliban figured, idolatry of Bamiyan Buddha was unnecessary in their vision of death of others. I would never imagine, to what depth the monks of Bamiyan looked when they saw the Buddha.