Friday, April 25, 2014

War, Lie and Jehad for Democracy

War and Lie for democracy is described here, by a former AP reporter Robert Parry. Even an MIT rocket scientist wonders if John Kerry Lied:
“According to our analysis, I would not … claim that I know who executed the attack, but it’s very clear that John Kerry had very bad intelligence at best or, at worst, lied about the intelligence he had.”
Robert Parry shows how  interest groups provide information to lazy bureaucrats to hijack govt agenda.

One such group is National Endowment for Democracy. This organization spends billions of dollars in a single country of target. It tries to influence writing national constitution, media coverage and organizing people for strikes.
Link to a post on cost in Syria. Most of the literature was manufactured by contractors of state dept [ ARK [Access Resources Knowledge], Chemonics, Creative [Associates International]—a number of the big contractors ] Read more. For Syria, a fresh college graduate was used to produce the war literature.

All this goes in name of Democracy. For the title of the post, "Jehad" was added to emphasize these wars are a lot similar to the old ones.

Updt : Friedman of NY Times now talks of "awe-inspiring burst of democratic aspirations" , even after his "Arab Spring" turned deadly.

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