Monday, August 12, 2013

James Mill & Stuart Mill

James Mill and Stuart mill had profound effect on perception of India, towards a very negative one. They earned money and name for themselves by doing this.

 India has long history. Free ( Mukti) was imagined daily and preserved in Bharat through mediaval dark ages of Europe. In span of hundred years, Stuart Mill's idea of Liberty has replaced the vision that Vyas and Shankar had taught to their disciples on mukti .  Organized attacks on Brahmins, Controlling the organization and speech of Brahmins made this happen.

  James Mill  had focus  of a power broker. Mills never visited the Indian colony, but his books were considered highly influential in 19th century.  His books are considered as the single most source of Indophobia and hostility to orientalism.

  Stuart Mill is the son of James Mill. He is considered a philosopher of utilitarianism. For a century, Mills ideas on ethics was adopted by colonists to lead the vilification of Indian civillization as unethical.

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