Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Arab Spring and the USA

The telegraph reports secret training by CIA to create war in Syria.  CIA support to create revolution in syria may be atleast be  since    sept 2012. More here . More here . The war has produced millions of refugees, more so since threat of American attack.

    American interference to move Mubarak out is widely covered in international press.

   The American attack on Libya is basically cheating the UN, false reasons to throw Gadafi. Obama and powerful people basically deceived people using their power to throw out Gadafi.

Few powerful people in media and USA politics can create rebellions using intelligent agencies like CIA, they can change world opinion. BBC and CNN deserve contempt, they are too nationalistic when it comes to western governments. (Updt:) Here is another argument on chemical weapons, similar arguments used by Govts of Russia, Syria, probably china. Rebels with chem weapons in Turkey, before June-6. More here.

  CNN and BBC didn't entertain the idea in any significant way that others could have access to chemical weapons or kitchen variety sarin may be available easily.

Updt: CNN's Ammanpore essentially threatens , discredits and scares Syrian Ambassador with bombs like a school bully,  all the while very scared and tense to deviate from political stance of rebels/USA bureaucracy.

Updt : Brooking institution report on how to remove Assad, including by destabilizing the country by training "rebels". It identifies Russia as a diplomatic roadblock. As if on clue CNN usually doesn't bring up the Russian chemical weapon reports submitted to UN.  It is just like people working in big projects in a bureaucracy - managers refer  approved sources/docs  for justification, even when the whole thing may be falling down the hill.

 Arab Springs is a verbal distraction for creating  revolutions  and mayhem in many countries. Muslim brotherhood group has been installed in libya, in egypt after mubarak and have majority in syrian rebel group.

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