Friday, June 6, 2014

Color revolution, Spring Revolution etc - Failed foreign Policy in different names.

Updt June21 2014: New disclosure from documents obtained by  Al Hewar centre  a puts speculation to rest. USA Administration had links with Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Syria. These are 4 countries that went through Arab Spring violence and wars. USA state dept helped Muslim brotherhood creating political party in Libya " both an opportunity and an obligation".  NY times, Tom Friedman , BBC couldn't speculate any of that.

Forbes interview mentions CIA role in Syria was signed by Obama.
Carnegie Center the SNC of Syria was mostly Muslim Brotherhood controlled.
Guardian: British had plans to train 100,000 army to attack on Syria, Clinton Supported, Obama vetoed - democracy !
NY Times : CIA Coordinated Syria attack from turkey, paid for by Saudi, Turkey, Quatar. Muslim Brotherhood of Syria is used.

UN's DelPonte on Sarin. Turkeysh Prosecutor.

NY Times story on President Obama's Cairo speech. It was a reset of American relations.  But in the quoted paragraph, he wished a liberal democracy for Egypt.
You must maintain your power through consent, not coercion; you must respect the rights of minorities, and participate with a spirit of tolerance and compromise; you must place the interests of your people and the legitimate workings of the political process above your party. Without these ingredients, elections alone do not make true democracy.”

Behold ! People  in egypt now became democratic activists.  Facebook and twitter became natural  instruments in creating powerful revolutions.  What did President Mubarak, the old man know about the age of twitter and facebook ? He bowed out to twitter and facebook.  Arab Spring followed.

It has been evident from subsequent violence, coup and all that,  the twitter and facebook are not a new kind of instrument  that  is enough to self organize the good. The face of revolution that threw Mubarak changed soon. Face of revolution was not represented by grass root. 

  •     Was events in egypt all that natural ?Or is it possible that selected  revolutionaries pushed too far to takeover govt  knowing support from outside? 

  •  NATO  bombed  Libya. Why Gaddafi was deposed  to create utter chaos ?  Was there selected people waiting to take over libya after Qaddafi ? 
  •   The  Qaddafi  for Syria is Bashar. NATO bombing of syria abandoned, but there has been covert support by west and allies.
  •    The Hosni Mubbarak for Ukraine is its former president.  The  war is going on in its major cities in Ukraine. Kremlin  brands color revolution as a form of warfare
Same questions elsewhere...what was it intended to be achieved in Syria ?

Could it be  some powerful people who got carried away too far  in their "knowledge" of good/bad/morals and consequences and unleashed violence in so many places ?

Could it be that these countries suffered because somewhere the NATO bureaucracy woke up to that fact that they were  Non Aligned with closeness to Russia ?

Could overthrowing non aligned govts through stealth revolution is the Obama doctrine ?

 Updt: Robert Ford with Syrian protesters when it was a peaceful country. 50 or so comments are all negative on Ambassador Ford's suggestion of sending arms.
 Here is Rueters news , Overwhelming public opinion as shown above comments doesn't matter. US state dept has so many allies, their pull and Push and underhand deals that it has become corrupted with lot of arms trading .They do send arms.

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