Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fall of Mosul

Mosul has been famous to June 2014 because its spectacular  fall to ISIS - The Iraqi taliban. About a thousand people, news said,  managed to takeover a city. Like an Obituary of eminent people, sectarian  justifications of Shia  Vs Sunni of Iraq, standard identities clashing for history,  were already prepared and out before any horrors, takes and mysteries of war.

The ISIS brutality was next topic. The ISIS appears to have special faith in  defiance  of death (violent pictures), the unfathomable and undefeatable one.  In death of adversaries , The ISIS operatives own corpses and they seemed quite satisfied with it. They lined it up in the Streets in Mosul to terrify others. The glory and vitality of life  and all its meaning was redefined by the terrorists to dumbness. This shocks people who know better.The terrorist in return has a perverse pleasure in the terror as if it validates more than evil.

Some speculation and analysis of  the war.

This is good article on Mosul gives a historical perspective. Mosul  had a lot of sectarian issues since 1990s .

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