Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama foreign policy

Barack Obama authorized Air Strikes over Iraq's Kurdish region. The purpose was humanitarian, OIL,  as well as political- as per John McCain - To prevent taking over of the Erbil by the ISIS.

 Two days later, Maliki is not being invited by the president  as prime minister of Iraq, as required to following the elections  results. US never supported Iraqi military against ISIS with Air Strikes.

The Incidents begs question - Did USA leave the Iraq into turmoil until it manages to drive  Maliki out as  prime minister of Iraq ? [ Updt: After Maliki removed, 100  missions per day].

 That would be  the 4 or 5th  instance to secretly  interfere in other countries to overthrow the govt.  It sounds as disruptive as Obama's domestic policy. Targeted for utopian improvements, it ends up with dysfunctional uncertainties.

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