Monday, September 22, 2014

Syria Part-II

A lady defector from isis, in CNN"Everything around us was chaos,"...."My problem was I ran away to something uglier." . ...."At the start, I was happy with my job. I felt that I had authority in the streets..."

US paying to Syria rebels.

A NY Times article  on creating rebel force. McCain - a total warrior - on   Mujahideen: they didn't kill Americans. He can't think the relation between the mujaheddin, the taliban and not bothered violence that was unleashed.

Massive disruption and atrocity to Kurds. Hundreds of thousands leave their home in 24 hours.  It might be like getting herded across hindukush, Taimur Lang, Kala Pahad . However The kurdish events in 21st century. Time didn't change much.How to describe the unfortunate events ?

Historical articles :
The USA ambassador Ford and French diplomat traveled to meet the protesters.( 2011)

NY Times story ( 2012 ) :  there is no sign yet of a simultaneous mass uprising in any of the major cities. 80,000 Christians were cleansed by the Free Syrian Army in the Homs province.

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